Park City Quick Start

Call the Utah ski desk at 800-754-4136 with questions about The Park City Quick Start program or any questions about Utah skiing and snowboarding at all major ski

It's sad but true. The Park City Quick Start--Park City ski free with airline boarding pass--is no longer being offered. This program allowed you to ski free on day of arrival if you showed a airline boarding pass showing you arrived at the Salt Lake Airport on the same day. This was a joint promotion between the three Park City ski resorts. Even though the Park City quick start is no longer available, you can get discounts on Park City lift tickets from the ski desk at or by calling 800-754-4136 when bundled with car rental or lodging.

In the good old days when the Park City Quick Start was available, it was valid for a free day of skiing or snowboarding at any of the Park City ski resorts. All you needed to do back then was show an airline boarding pass and you could ski free at Park City. It's now been three years since this program went away. Show your boarding pass to ski free at Park City. WOW... it was an awesome idea and hopefully it will be back! With the Salt Lake airport being only 35 miles from Park City, could ski most of the day. Now your best chance for discount Park City lift tickets is to call the ski desk at 800-754-4136 when bundled with car rental or lodging. They are a division of Snelgrove Travel in Layton Utah and are known as Utah's favorite travel agency. The company is owned by Richard Snelgrove.

The details of the Park City Quick Start program, show boarding pass to ski free at Park City, was that you could pre register before arriving in Salt Lake and then take your coupon and photo identification to any ski resort ticket window along with your airline boarding pass. All this could be redeemed for a free day of skiing at Park City ski resort. Snowboarders were also included. The Park City Quick S.T.A.R.T. stood for "Ski Today and Ride Today". Now, the only way to get at least some savings is to purchase discount Park City lift tickets at or call the ski desk at 800-754-4136 when bundled with car rental or lodging.

If by chance you are interested, below are what the terms and conditions were for the 'Park City Quick Start: ski Park City Free With Boarding Pass'

'It is only one lift pass per person, per boarding pass will be issued on this promotion. Promotional offer will be valid only for skiing and snowboarding on the date printed on boarding pass. The airline boarding pass and redeemption coupon must be surrendered at the ski resort ticket window for a ski lift ticket or to snowboard. Children also must either have photo identification or be accompanied by an adult with the correct identification as well as redeemption coupon. The Park City Quick START promotional offer is valid with each individual Park City resort's opening and closing dates. Lift tickets are non-transferable, and not for resale and have no dollar value. There may be other promotional rules and restrictions that may apply and promotion may be cancelled without advance notice as determined by the ski resort owners. Promotional program Park City offer/coupon might not be redeemable if some Park City resorts reach skier capacity. Park City Quick START promotion may not be applied to other programs or multi-day tickets and is valid resort opening date to 12/13/04, 1/3 - 2/15/05 and 3/28 - 4/10/05.'

Since we at the Utah ski desk at are ski Utah experts, here is a little background on the Park City Quick Start. Park City Quick Start's S.T.A.R.T stands for Ski Today And Ride Today. Back when it was available, the program would get you on the mountain at resorts in the Park City area on the day or arrival for free skiing and snowboarding the rest of the day. To maximize the value of this program it was always best for customers to plan to fly in to Salt Lake City as early as possible so time at the ski resort could be maximized. In some cases, it even applied to night skiing!

Ski and snowboard for free in Park City, Utah was a reality at one time. The day of redemption of your boarding pass had to be the same day as your boarding pass to make sure you were flying into Salt Lake City that same day. The ski desk at has a wonderful customer service department and we offer discounts on ski lift tickets as well as great deals to many of Utah's major resorts. This is the ski and snowboarding affiliate of with offices in Layton, Utah.

Even though the program is no longer available, here is exactly how the Park City Quick Start (ski and snowboard free on day of arrival with boarding pass) used to work when it was available. After registering at, you would receive via email a redemption voucher to redeem. You would bring the redemption voucher, along with your same day airline boarding pass and out of state photo id (sorry fellow Utah residents), to the ski resort ticket window and receive a complimentary same day lift ticket for skiing or snowboarding at a Park City resort. Pretty awesome and simple. Sadly it's no longer available. However for great deals on Utah ski trips and lift tickets, call the ski desk at 800-754-4136. With offices in Layton Utah.
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